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How to save more money when you decorate your home & garden with artificial boxwood panels?

Artificial boxwood panels are more popular now as a smart and wonderful decoration.boxwood panels

Not only do they have a realistic looking, but no maintenance needed. They are even weather resistant! also, they are very smart, you can easily combine and split them in almost any conditions. Whatever the face is flat or round, indoor or outdoor.

the artificial boxwood panels detail

After you get this from me, you must love them and even can not wait to buy. But the artificial boxwood panels are not cheap! the price is average approximately 80$ per square meters(40″*40″) from the local store. That’s a lot of money!

So how to save money?

Here are some tips:

1, Do not buy this from a retailer. The retailer price is obviously high. Why? Because most of the retailers can not purchase from a manufacturer, they purchase from a distributor, so what we should do is to buy from a distributor as a retailer or a reseller. A few years ago, it’s not easy, but now, you can find the distributor even the manufacturer online! You can search “wholesale boxwood panels” in google or bing.

2, Calculate right. Most retailers sell the boxwood panels in box. One box usually contains 3 square meters, so if you calculate wrong, you will waste a lot of money! How to know the quantity we need? First we should consider the Minimal unit of the boxwood panels, some one is 20″*20″, while some one is 10″*10″, Obviously, the 10″*10″ is better. Because it is flexible. If we want to cover a 50*80 inches fence, How many we need? Don’t worry, there is a calculator can help us. This tool is very accurate, we have no waste if we use this tool.

3, Prepare some zip-ties, we can piece the pieces together with zip-ties, this can help us save some boxwood panels. Some stores sell boxwood panels coming with zip-ties for free, we should consider this because buying zip-ties still spend us money and time.

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